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 The Spa Sanctuary is a full-service, eco-friendly spa and hair salon focused on providing the latest services, administered by a group of talented, professional artists.  The salon is registered with Matter of Trust (http://www.matteroftrust.org); an ecological public charity that receives hair from salons to recycle into oil hair mats for use in emergency oil spills.

In addition to its full menu of traditional hair services, Eccentrics offers Hair Solution Services , which include hair replacement, restoration and weaving. In addition, we offer progressive techniques such as a formaldehyde-free Keratin Straightening treatments, Waterless  Natural Nail Services, Waxing Services and Natural Individual Eyelash Extensions. 

Eccentric’s also offers a warm, friendly environment as well as a professional team that is here to help you, the guest, achieve the beauty results you desire.

The Eccentric\'s mini  Boutique is a most see.  Purchase the latest in unique accessories from our Boutique for a fraction of the Boutique cost.

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Enter Eccentrics and the stress of daily life will drift away on tropical breezes, melt into the sea. You will find yourself relaxed and smiling at nothing in particular (and we hope you appreciate achieving this feeling of total peace without traveling hundreds of miles away from home!)

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Eccentric's stylists understand the challenges of peoples across a wide range of ethnicities - from European to African- ...

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Eccentrics are described as creative, curious, stress-free, and idealistic—wanting to make the world a better place and the ...

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